Saturday, October 27, 2012

What a difference a few days can make, the test quilt that I mentioned Monday is all pieced and I love it! The colors so rich that they make me smile. I'm calling this one 'Little Gems' and it will be in Donna Lynn Thomas' next book that will be published by Martingale next fall. There is also a very cool ruler that Donna designed to take the math out of using bias cuts. The ruler is made by Omni and will be out in the spring of 2013 along with it's own pattern. If you would love to make pieced borders to make your quilts extra special then you will love this ruler!

Today I took a class at the Round Bobbin Quilt Shop, in Horsham, PA. Susan Shiveley was the instructor, I've know Susan for years, she is not only an prolific quilter and pattern designer but a math professor. Her designs are often math driven, they are very different than the run of the mill quilt patterns. I've quilted for Susan but this is the first I've made one of her designs and I found it to be like solving a jigsaw puzzle. Change is good and this quilt was pieced differently than what you usually see in patterns. I had to think and thoroughly enjoyed the process, even better it was a small project and it was just about complete when I left the shop today. I'm still deciding if I want to add another border, if I don't then it's done but for the quilting and binding. Isn't it pretty?

Here in Bucks County we are waiting for Hurricane Sandy to arrive, the predictions are pretty bad with this being a huge storm that is  meeting up with a cold front and will become a monster nor'easter causing millions of dollars in damage, lost property and power outages. Everyone please stay safe and be prepared! I'll be here sewing or cutting out more quilts!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Today is about slogging through or persevering. I have a project that is for a friend. It's to test a pattern, which means making a quilt and checking to see if the directions are correct and easily understood. Then passing along this information as well as any suggestions to make it more user friendly to the designer.
I've done this many times and usually enjoy the process but this time the errors were frustrating. When I get frustrated I drag my feet, in this case after all my cutting was done I had to go back and cut more.
I organize my projects into sections, pattern and fabric selection, prepping the fabrics and cutting, sewing the pieces, which if I'm lucky is chain piecing. My ironing board is lowered to my seat height and is next to my sewing machine which saves a lot of time. This keeps me happy and my projects flowing along.
I've got all the added cutting almost done, I've been piecing in between and have a couple of blocks finished. I love them! I know that this quilt will be worth the effort and I'm glad that I pushed myself to get it done but my procrastinating has cost me days that I could have gotten so much more accomplished!
If anyone has a cure for serial procrastination please send it to me!
I can't post pictures of this quilt but it's made with Batiks, no my usual fabric choice and it's a jewel!
Happy Monday!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy Autumn, we are almost one month into fall and the leaves are changing over night and falling like rain! Here in Bucks County, PA fall is stunning this year, the golds, reds, rusts and oranges are so bright, it always reminds me of a patchwork quilt. Driving along and seeing a hillside or mountainside with a gorgeous array of colors makes my heart smile and makes me want to recreate it in fabric.
Needless to say I have many fall themed or colored quilts in my collection!

If you haven't guessed Autumn is my favorite season, pumpkins, soups, stews, apples and quilts, what could be better?  I actually enjoy the clocks going back to standard time. When my family was young and it would be dark by 5:30 and everyone was at the table doing homework or coloring the feeling of contentment was and still is unmatched. To have my loved ones home and safe under our roof was the best feeling ever.

Take your time to look around at the leaves, trees and fall decor for your inspiration. Plan a quilt, take a walk, read by the fire but enjoy this season that will soon give way to gray and cold skies and the Holiday rush will be upon us soon.  Make some table runners or candle mats from wool for gifts, there's still time!

If you have a quilt planned that will need to be quilted by a professional call now to get on the list!

Happy Halloween to my gorgeous grandchildren, Laela & Trevor!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Memorial Day! I'm back! It's been busy here at home and in my studio. Customers have been merrily piecing for special occasions and charities. Lucky me, I get to see all of their beautiful work up close and to enhance it's beauty. 

When you create a quilt you need to consider it's final destination or use! Is is for a child or just a throw to go on your porch for the summer? A wedding gift the will be lovingly used or carefully hung on a wall to be admired....all of this must be discussed with your quilter, she should have definite ideas as to what will be the best quilting for your beautiful creation and for how it will be used.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, LABEL your quilts! Even if it's just your name and a date, the history/story of why you made it should be preserved for the future. I've used Pigma pens to make labels and have found on quilts that are laundered that the ink fades, this isn't good.
Now I am embroidering my labels on my embroidery machine and when forethought prevails I add the embroidered label to the back of the quilt prior to quilting it. This way the label is part of the quilt and won't come off easily.

Many of my friends use inkjet printers and print their labels on fabric, this is a great, easy way to label your quilt. You can purchase ready made printable fabric sheets from several sources, the EQ company being one. I haven't tried washing these labels so I can't say how they hold up after many launderings.

Be sure to supply your quilter with as much information as possible regarding each quilt and then enjoy the finished product!

Have a wonderful start to the summer and find time to make a summer quilt project when it's too hot to be outside!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hello All!  Today marks a special day for Susan Sasser and her family! Who is Susan Sasser? She is a friend who used to work at the same quilt shop that I did, the one that is no longer. It was a more than a quilt shop, it was a haven for fabric loving quilters, doll & purse makers, it was a learning place and an place to share ideas and accomplishments. We've all missed having that ambience in our lives, that locale of inspiration.
Today was the 'soft' opening of a new quilt shop, a new era for the fiber artists who have longed to go an pet fabric and talk quilts and families. Today The Round Bobbin quilt shop opened! I went and the shop is so spacious, beautiful wood flooring and shelves. There is a calm beauty about a new shop, everything is perfect, no hands have mis-sorted the bolts of wonderful cottons-yet, but soon I think there will be customers pulling bolts, consulting the very knowledgeable staff and purchasing patterns, books & notions to create QUILTS. The Round Bobbin is so new the signs don't arrive until tomorrow!
Please visit their website at -  Like the shop the website is still growing, classes will be added soon and there is also on-line shopping to be had!
Many of the staff from the no longer quilt shop will be found at The Round Bobbin.
I honestly can say it's a beautiful shop in Horsham, just off Horsham Rd., south of Limekiln Pike, next to Silvestri's.
Please support your local quilt shop and visit The Round Bobbin soon, the Grand Opening is in April!
Thanks Susan!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy March! It's been a very strange winter here in Pennsylvania, not much snow and very warm weather!
In fact out biggest snow fell in October, before Halloween and did unimaginable damage to our trees.
I have sew many projects that I want to work on and my customer quilts keep coming so I am still in business!
Spring is almost here, officially but I've still got much to do inside.
How do you organize your time so that you get the most accomplished? Do you make lists or set aside certain times during your day to work on different projects?
My friend, Sally does her cross stitch every morning when the light is the best, she knits all the time and still makes wonderful quilts.
I tend to be a list maker, the satisfaction of crossing items off is very motivating to me.
Whatever your projects are, get organized and get them done!
Happy sewing!