Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Memorial Day! I'm back! It's been busy here at home and in my studio. Customers have been merrily piecing for special occasions and charities. Lucky me, I get to see all of their beautiful work up close and to enhance it's beauty. 

When you create a quilt you need to consider it's final destination or use! Is is for a child or just a throw to go on your porch for the summer? A wedding gift the will be lovingly used or carefully hung on a wall to be admired....all of this must be discussed with your quilter, she should have definite ideas as to what will be the best quilting for your beautiful creation and for how it will be used.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, LABEL your quilts! Even if it's just your name and a date, the history/story of why you made it should be preserved for the future. I've used Pigma pens to make labels and have found on quilts that are laundered that the ink fades, this isn't good.
Now I am embroidering my labels on my embroidery machine and when forethought prevails I add the embroidered label to the back of the quilt prior to quilting it. This way the label is part of the quilt and won't come off easily.

Many of my friends use inkjet printers and print their labels on fabric, this is a great, easy way to label your quilt. You can purchase ready made printable fabric sheets from several sources, the EQ company being one. I haven't tried washing these labels so I can't say how they hold up after many launderings.

Be sure to supply your quilter with as much information as possible regarding each quilt and then enjoy the finished product!

Have a wonderful start to the summer and find time to make a summer quilt project when it's too hot to be outside!

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