Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy Autumn, we are almost one month into fall and the leaves are changing over night and falling like rain! Here in Bucks County, PA fall is stunning this year, the golds, reds, rusts and oranges are so bright, it always reminds me of a patchwork quilt. Driving along and seeing a hillside or mountainside with a gorgeous array of colors makes my heart smile and makes me want to recreate it in fabric.
Needless to say I have many fall themed or colored quilts in my collection!

If you haven't guessed Autumn is my favorite season, pumpkins, soups, stews, apples and quilts, what could be better?  I actually enjoy the clocks going back to standard time. When my family was young and it would be dark by 5:30 and everyone was at the table doing homework or coloring the feeling of contentment was and still is unmatched. To have my loved ones home and safe under our roof was the best feeling ever.

Take your time to look around at the leaves, trees and fall decor for your inspiration. Plan a quilt, take a walk, read by the fire but enjoy this season that will soon give way to gray and cold skies and the Holiday rush will be upon us soon.  Make some table runners or candle mats from wool for gifts, there's still time!

If you have a quilt planned that will need to be quilted by a professional call now to get on the list!

Happy Halloween to my gorgeous grandchildren, Laela & Trevor!

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