Monday, October 22, 2012

Today is about slogging through or persevering. I have a project that is for a friend. It's to test a pattern, which means making a quilt and checking to see if the directions are correct and easily understood. Then passing along this information as well as any suggestions to make it more user friendly to the designer.
I've done this many times and usually enjoy the process but this time the errors were frustrating. When I get frustrated I drag my feet, in this case after all my cutting was done I had to go back and cut more.
I organize my projects into sections, pattern and fabric selection, prepping the fabrics and cutting, sewing the pieces, which if I'm lucky is chain piecing. My ironing board is lowered to my seat height and is next to my sewing machine which saves a lot of time. This keeps me happy and my projects flowing along.
I've got all the added cutting almost done, I've been piecing in between and have a couple of blocks finished. I love them! I know that this quilt will be worth the effort and I'm glad that I pushed myself to get it done but my procrastinating has cost me days that I could have gotten so much more accomplished!
If anyone has a cure for serial procrastination please send it to me!
I can't post pictures of this quilt but it's made with Batiks, no my usual fabric choice and it's a jewel!
Happy Monday!

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