Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I've been bitten...

Okay I haven't posted for too long and I blame it on Facebook, I'm hooked, watching what everyone posts and playing Farmville. I have been cleaning the studio and working on my customer quilts running a lot of never ending errands and spending time with my family.
I have to make a wedding quilt for my son and his wife who were married last April. It's been sitting and sitting on the work table just sighing and making it known that I need to get to it if I'm to make it before their first anniversary. I finally cut out the strips but am still having decision problems with the background, can't decide which fabric to use and went looking in Doylestown today and the selection was sparse! I suppose all of the quilt & fabric shops are feeling the pinch of this terrible economy. I suggest that we all try to shop at our LQS' so that they stay around for us.

This quilt was a challenge, every time I'd look at it to design the quilting I'd see something different. The designer & Piecer is Susan Shiveley, she's a mathmatician and she loves creating her designs using math. Her piecing is always spot on too! I wound up creating several different feather designs, stippling the background and doing some continous curves.

This weekend we put up our Christmas lights, it was 60' and sunny, not Christmasy feeling but a good day to get it done! Here's a pic of The Bandit, she is getting so big!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Everything happens for a reason...

"Everything happens for a reason" a favorite quote of mine from the movie "Life As A House". Many things have happened in my life these past few weeks and some have me wondering what the reason could possibly be, I sure don't know. I suppose all will be revealed in time and I will be patient. I will plan ahead and do my best, comfort those in need and rely on my support system of family and friends.
In the mean time I've been working on a couple of projects and organizing the decorations for the outside of our home. This year I'm getting the whole crew here onboard and make some fun, take some many pictures and bake some cookies for all the little Elves!
In my studio I continue to work on my customer's quilts and get them done for Christmas, I also need to get some of my projects done for Christmas as well! Wish me luck! The two pics below are just 2 that need finishing. The ornament quilts needs it's borders and the Christmas block was from an exchange that I did on the APQS forum last year, those I'm still trying to decide on how to set them! There is the snowman laps from fats pattern that needs borders and some others that I can't think of. I need to buckle down and get sewing and quilting! Ta ta for now!