Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy March! It's been a very strange winter here in Pennsylvania, not much snow and very warm weather!
In fact out biggest snow fell in October, before Halloween and did unimaginable damage to our trees.
I have sew many projects that I want to work on and my customer quilts keep coming so I am still in business!
Spring is almost here, officially but I've still got much to do inside.
How do you organize your time so that you get the most accomplished? Do you make lists or set aside certain times during your day to work on different projects?
My friend, Sally does her cross stitch every morning when the light is the best, she knits all the time and still makes wonderful quilts.
I tend to be a list maker, the satisfaction of crossing items off is very motivating to me.
Whatever your projects are, get organized and get them done!
Happy sewing!

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