Saturday, December 31, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Farewell to 2011, it's time for to fade away. 2011 was a busy year many good things happened, the two best being the birth of my granddaughter, Laela and the engagement of my son Kyle to his Ashley.  We are blessed, our grandson Trevor turned 1 year old in November.

I've been super busy with family, dogs, knitting, finishing some holiday UFO's and quilting some quilts for customers.  Then of course there was Thanksgiving & Christmas!

While we were in Hawaii in October I contacted a quilt instructor named Kathy Tsark, owner of Kwilts 'N Koa in Honolulu. Kathy teaches traditional Hawaiian quilting, which is basically 2 fabric applique. Hawaiian quilts are made in two colors and are all handmade, no machine sewing or rotary cutting.
Kathy was super friendly and knowledgeable, she wants to preserve the Hawaiian quilting style and is happy to teach it to anyone interested.
                                                               The Breadfruit
                                                         Kathy Tsark, Kwilts 'N Koa
                                            All basted and ready to needle turn applique
                                                       Beginning the hand quilting

Kathy came to my hotel for two lessons, the first on the history of Hawaiian quilting, tracing and cutting the Breadfruit design, basting it onto the background and beginning the appliqueing. Over the phone we discussed color options as well as what notions I would need. I had brought along a sewing kit so I was semi-ready for this.

The designs used in these quilts all have a meaning, Breadfruit being the first, the food to start the quilter on her journey. Pineapples are well know around the world to mean 'Welcome', so there is a progression to the designs, all steeped in tradition.

I really enjoyed my lessons and working with Kathy, she's a sweetheart and so knowledgeable. If you ever get to Honolulu and want to learn from Kathy please contact here at KWilts 'N Koa,  you can check out her web site at 

I now own a quilt hoop as well as a Roxanne thimble, I haven't completed my breadfruit yet but I will!
I had Kathy prepare a crib quilt with pink & white fabric so that I can make a Hawaiian quilt for my granddaughter, Laela, who is Hawaii born to have.

I had done some hand applique but nothing of this scope, Kathy helped me to understand the applique as well as the hand quilting. I won't be expecting to win any ribbons with my new found skills but I will definitely enjoy the process as well as the completed projects!

Thank you again Kathy! Aloha!

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