Sunday, October 16, 2011

Aloha #2 from Waikiki

Aloha again, it's early morning here and I think the jet lag is all gone, we actually slept until a normal time this morning. Now to go to my daughter's and help her out so that she can nap.

Here is our little Miss, Laela, fresh from her first bath. Isn't she just gorgeous?

Out hotel has Hawaiian quilts on every floor by the elevators. These are a cultural wonder and so beautiful. If you've never seen one they are made from just 2 fabrics, usually a light solid for the background and a darker solid for the applique. The applique is one piece for the entire quilt, no matter how large the quilt it's one solid piece of applique. They are hand basted, then appliqued and then hand quilted with either an echo of the design or with stitching that compliments the design. Pineapple and breadfruit are often included in Hawaiian quilt design.
Above are 3 of the quilts from the Hale Koa. I plan to go to the Bishop Museum to see more and get a pattern or two!

Don't you think that these quilts are stunning in their simplicity of color and intricacy of design? Can you imagine appliqueing one of these, all of those points and corners to master and make perfect! I hope that I get to make one, just a small one to start and see where it takes me.

I went into a shop at the Hilton Village here and it was all "Hawaiian" quilt items. Uhm, well not to be picky but the stitching was not good and upon further examination they are labeled 'authentic Hawaiian quilting" made in polynesia. Definitely for the unknowing tourist. I left without making a purchase. If I know that I can stitch it better I won't ever buy it!

Aloha, have a great Sunday!

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