Friday, February 18, 2011


I am guilty of procrastinating in many things but nothing makes me wait more than a quilt that isn't speaking to me. It can be the design, the colors, the style of the sashing....a creative block ensues and I am on the fence.

I've had a Dresden Plate quilt for awhile now, it's been on the frame for over a week and it's just sitting there while design ideas percolate in my head. I've looked for other Dresden Plate quilts to see how they were quilted to no avail, they are almost all meandered! UGH!

The story of this quilt is that the actual plate blocks are old, given to my customer, Karen by a neighbor. They are 30's prints, hand pieced. Karen added a triple sashing with 9 patch blocks at the junctions. My problem seems to be the sashing---it's red & white, the 9 patches are red & blue, solids, all of them. The border is rather narrow for this quilt but also red. She asked for me to come up with quilting that will enhance the blocks, (the easy part for me) and do something that would go with the period to match in the sashing and border.

Today I will work on this quilt, I will bite the bullet and go for it. I know that once I get started it will flow nicely (usually), rarely will I start quilting if I am not sure about the design. I will draw it on my white board and maybe even on a clear acrylic square that I can overlay on the quilt to test my ideas.

Wish me luck! I will post pictures as I go on this one!

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