Thursday, January 20, 2011

More snow coming and I am getting projects done!

The top photo shows the baby afghan that I've finished and Ashley's Just Desserts quilt which has gone home with her.

This past week I finished the borders on Ashley's birthday quilt, quilted it and sewed the binding on! It went home with her Tuesday!
I've been working steadily on Trevor v2's Hooded sweater and have the hood & cowl collar completed, now onto the sleeves and then sewing in the zipper. This one is a rush as he is growing so quickly!

Yesterday I went to my friend Gina's for a sewing day, which includes a fair amount of chatting and eating...we had a delicious soup and sandwiches. There was trail mix, cranberry bread biscotti & Pepperidge Farms Dark Chocolate Nantucket Cookies, my favorite!

I took several WIPs with me, Trevor's Owl quilt, a pajama outfit that needed some additions-a long story about ordering personalized clothing that arrives wrong and too close to change-snowballs on the union jack flap on the rear, the Golf diaper bag that I've been making for Trevor the Dad, it's made up with golf fabrics and looks really good but I goofed up cutting the lining and it's been waiting and a project from a class taken in 2005, Sweet Emma Rose quilt that I mis-cut something on but don't remember exactly what and have to find that to fix so I can go on with it.

I worked on the first 3, only Sweet Emma didn't get touched, if only I hadn't gotten stuck in so much traffic that one might have been put aright too! Oh well, next time I hope!

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