Thursday, March 24, 2011

Is it Spring yet???

Have to wonder what's up with Mother Nature, we are still getting snow & sleet! This is the winter that won't quit! I'd love to have a normal spring with cool temps gradually warming up, time for the trees to bud out and the flowers to bloom without freezing.
The studio has been rather stagnant these past few weeks, I had a cold that turned into bronchitis, my husband had surgery on his foot so I had to pick up what he couldn't tend to and then just a general lack of motivation! I need a kick in my creative butt! Oh yes, I've been reading, a lot, many books. Reading is my first passion and can consume me to the detriment of anything else getting done! Time to put the books down for a bit, or my Kindle!
Today I will be cutting up Patty's wedding dress to make a Communion Dress for her daughter Katelyn. The gown is satin with a lot of trim and cut outs but plenty of fabric to make the simple dress that Kate wants. Pictures to follow.
I will be working on the quilt mentioned last time, yes it's still there. Turns out it's getting Stitched in the Ditch, very time consuming and boring for me. Must get it done, must get it done!
I did complete my grandson, Trevor's hooded knit sweater and will hand sew the zipper in today too!
Sew many plans, wish me luck!

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