Saturday, October 17, 2009

Time Flies!

Hello again, it's been a busy week in the studio and at home. I entered a quilt into the Keystone Quilter's show, which ends today. I have never entered a quilt in a show for several reasons, afraid to have my work scrutinized, not organized enough to get them registered on time and just lacking confidence in my work. My Mom thinks I am wonderful but she's my Mom! Anyway I dropped off my quilt expecting to get some useful feedback from the judge,nothing else. Yesterday I went to the show and looked at all of the beautiful quilts and read thier stories and went thru the entire room and didn't see my quilt! I looked again and then asked one of the white glove ladies who sent me to another room that was marked 'More Vendors' and here was my quilt! My quilt that I made for my husband, John, with a 3rd place ribbon on it! WOW!!! Boy was I surprised! I was grinning from ear to ear!
Here's a pic of the quilt with the ribbon. Today the entire gang here is going to see our quilt hanging with it's ribbon!
This week included Ashley finishing her first quilt, a Rail Fence and me puppy sitting the Bandit for 4 days straight! I forgot how much time puppies require! Below is a picture of Ashley & her quilt and 2 of The Bandit, who is growing so quickly!

Along with all of the excitement of the ribbon and crazy puppy doings I managed to get a couple of my customer quilts done. I am beginning to be caught up which is a wonderful feeling! Gotta run and get the borders done on a quilt that I need to deliver tomorrow.

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  1. Congrats on the ribbon!! I know about puppies-that's why I "adopt" senior dogs-they are happy to sleep alot!