Friday, October 23, 2009

Another Rainy Weekend!

If it's Friday, it must be raining in Plumstead! Yup it is but it's okay we are inside, warm and dry. Everyone is home and it sounds like we are going to watch 'The Shining', I'm not sure which version but it's a good movie for the Halloween season!

This week in my studio I quilted two large quilts, an ocean waves with meander quilting and Bear's Paw with custom quilting. Both are for grand kids! Judging by the number of quilts that I get to do for grand kids there are many warm and well loved grand kids out there!

I've got the next quilt loaded, it's an over sized double for my pal Joyce's granddaughter, Ahna. It' all pink in varying hues and some purples.

I've been using a lot of Dream wool batting, my customers love the loft and the breatheable warmth of it. It's washable and holds up well as far as I've used it. It quilts wonderfully and everyone that's used it comes back for it again and again.

Please remember that this is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH! Do your self exams and get your annual mammograms! (isn't she the cutest thing???!!!)

Have a good weekend!

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