Thursday, October 8, 2009

One week into October! Already!

Wow here it is October 8th already! Where does the time go?? It's been a quiet but productive week here at home and in the studio. I had Kyle's sweet girlfriend Ashely here all day Monday learning how to sew! What fun to share my hobby! I let her start on my little Janome Jem machine and a box full of 2.5" strips. She is going to make a rail fence quilt. One that I think is great for beginners and by midnight she had over 30 blocks made, trimmed and pressed! I was getting tired but I think Ashley could've kept going! Oh to be in my 20s again and have all that energy!

Kevin my youngest and the owner of Bandit the shepherd pup has been working days this week so I've been puppy sitting and she is growing by leaps and bounds! We've nicknamed her 'Roo as she bounces a lot! She also wants to be the alpha dog and that doesn't sit well with my golden, Daisy. Every once in awhile Daisy puts the Bandit in her place and she seems to be the only dog to do it out of the other 3 here!

John & Kyle have been on the Queen Mary 2 this past week with John's parents, sister and her daughter Kate. They cruised New England and Nova Scotia but had to miss St. Johns due to the high winds yesterday, so they spent the day at sea and are heading to NY today for arrival tomorrow morning.

I finished a few customer quilts this past 2 weeks, one for Halloween, two for Christmas, a sampler the Times & Seasons that I've mentioned earlier. You can see them below-

I've signed up for a Saturday Sampler program at Pennington Quiltworks in New Jersey, so far I've got 3 blocks done and the fourth one started. It's using Christmas fabric from Benartex. It's really pretty and the shop has the quilt in four colorways with over 700 people signed up for it! If you're not familiar with Saturday Sampler aka the $5.00 quilt it's a program where you pay for the first month's block and then each month you go for a demo and bring your completed block from the prior month. If your block is done then your next one is free, if not you have to pay the $5.00 for that month also you have to go at the demo times. If you finish them all then you really can make the top for the initial cost of $5. or $10. depending on the program. I am trying to do that, make the quilt for the initial cost but I did buy the finishing kit for the one layout that I like so much so it's more than $5.00 but you do have to add sashings and borders to finish it! Stay tuned to see if I can get them all made on time! Saturday Sampler block #4

This week is the start of Quilt Market in Houston, I went last year and it was amazing. My friend Gina is heading out there and so is Julie from the quilt shop who has been making samples and doing demos for the Moda bake shop kits.
I know that they will have a great time and see all the new goodies that will be coming out next year! Wish that I was going again!

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