Monday, June 20, 2011

Sometimes you just need to say 'Uncle' to a project!

Tonight I ripped out a baby afghan that I had started in April. It was a sampler, which means different patterns of stithies alternating through out the blanket. I loved the cotton yarn that I chose, it's a Celadon green, very light and airy. This was to be for my Granddaughter who's supposed to arrive this October, they live in Hawaii at the moment so light weight was important.
I saw the quilt on the yarn shops web site and loved it, went in and signed up. the first class had us casting on over 200 stitches and then making a 2' ribbing pattern. This took awhile. the next class I missed because I was at MQX in Providence. Then the instructor realized that more time was needed to get this done so she put the last class off until after a trip abroad.
Today was that class, this pattern requires perfect attention, there isn't much repetition that you can just go over and over.
I had to un-knit the same row 4 times....enough said, I don't have the time or the concentration this pattern requires so I ripped it out and will make an easier pattern with the pretty yarn.
Mentally this is a load off my mind and work wise, I have more than enough on my plate.
It's okay to drop a project that doesn't work out, we shouldn't be beating ourselves up to finish something this is frustrating or time consuming.
So, feel free to rid yourself of that albatross project and move onto something that you will fully enjoy!

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