Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy February, we have survived the threat of winter storm 'Nemo'. I personally think that the naming of every little winter even is beyond ridiculous, but I guess the Weather Channel is running out of ideas to sell the talking heads....
In thinking about naming things, like the movie 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days'. ( think Krull!)  Do you name your projects? If you do how do you choose the names for the quilts that you make? I do name some of mine but I don't name the afghans that I knit or crochet. Is quilting a more personal form of art? Does the name have to do with the design or the person it is for, an occasion or the fabrics that you used?
One of my UFO projects that is almost done, it just needs binding, is from a Terry Atkinson pattern called 'Lasagna'.  Like lasagna it's made from 3"x5" or longer strips sewn together, end to end. I started this quilt many years ago, using up the leftover pieces from flannel Rag Time quilts that I made. I gave this quilt to my daughter-in-law, Andrea this Christmas, when it still needed 2 borders to make it large enough for their bed. It should be done by next week and I'll send it over to them. I've decided to name it, can you guess?  Leftover Lasagna! It fits and I think it's cute since they love Italian food.

This is Andrea, my son Trevor and grandson Trevor 2 at Christmas.
Some of the flannels in this quilt are in Andrea's Rag quilt and she noticed them right away. I love scrappy quilts and this one is very large, 108" by 98". I added borders to just the sides to make it wide enough for a queen size bed and then quilted in in an all over meander pattern.  I used Dream Wood batting and 2 different flannels for the back. This is a warm quilt to be used in the cold months and I am sure it will keep them toasty warm for many winters!
Think about your quilts and if you name them and make the names special and don't forget your labels!
Stay warm, it won't be long until spring arrives.

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