Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Remember that our Freedoms don't come from our Government but from the Military personnel who pledge to defend them every day all over the world!

Hello, it's been awhile again! I spent most of May catching up on my customer quilts and getting ready to go on vacation with my husband. We had a glorious time cruising to Bermuda on Celebrity's Summit.
I did get several quilts quilted and sent home with their owners as well as making a panel for the Parkinsons Disease World Quilt Project. The panels had to be 2'x2' with 6" added around. I chose to show my husband's family and his hobbies past & present. It arrived in NY last Wednesday.
I have a new toy/tool for my Millie, it's the Quiltazoid. Think of it as a spirograph for quilts! I haven't tried it yet but this week I will finally have time to get to it, look for pics as soon as I can get them done!

Did you know that Bermuda doesn't have a Quilt Shop? or a Yarn Shop? How sad is that! I know it doesn't get too cold there but imagine life without being able to go and pet fabric or yarn! Oh NO! Those poor Bermudians need a quilt shop, they just don't know it!
Here are a few pics from the latest quilts....

Thimbleberrie's 3's Company, a combination of pieced and faux applique blocks. It was a BOM at Country Quiltworks.

This is Joan W's wedding quilt for her son & his wife.
There were 3 more but I can't show them to you yet as they are going to be in Donna Lynn Thomas' new book...I'll keep you posted as to when it will be published and then post my pics of the 3 quilts that I quilted for her!

Have a safe Memorial Day!

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