Thursday, September 10, 2009

Credit where credit is due, maybe....

Today I received my copy of Quilter's World magazine, with my friend Gina's quilt in it. It's called 'Indian Summer', it's a very striking design as are most of her quilts. I quilted this quilt, it was custom work, a pictorial design with a sun and rays, clouds, butterflies, corn stalks, flowers, vines and leaves.

I've quilted several quilts for Gina to put in this magazine and in the beginning my name, in very small print would be listed as the machine quilter. Now it does not get listed in any way, the editor, per my friend said that they don't put the quilter's names but the magazine tells a different story. Some of the quilts in this issue have the quilter's listed and some do not.

I get paid to quilt these quilts, it's what I do, BUT I always go above and beyond for magazine and book quilts. I don't expect anything extra but it's sure nice to see my name attached to a quilt that I worked hard on to increase the beauty, to make it shine it's best for the designer.
I guess I am steamed but not sure who to be steamed at! I will write Quilter's World and probably cancel my subscription.

I personally love to see the quilts and the quilting and I really appreciate the magazines that make it a point to show how the quilt was quilted. It's all inspiring to me, like going to a mini-quilt show!

So if you get the opportunity to quilt for a designer ask them to make sure that you are credited with the quilting!

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  1. i agree!! credit needs to be given where it is due!! you do great work & you deserve to get the credit for it!