Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cottage Puzzle, Fab $5.00 quilt program

What a difference a year makes! How often have we heard that? A year ago I was recovering from a pretty bad concussion and designing and piecing my Cottage Puzzle quilts for The Round Bobbin Quilt Shop. A few days ago I did five presentations on the finishing instructions to many of the participants. What a fun, talented group of quilt makers! Each session was fun and interesting, there were many questions not just about how to put Cottage Puzzle together but general quilt making.
How to trim a block, how to measure for sashing or borders and how to choose a border fabric were just a few of the questions. I really enjoyed my time with these quilters and know that I've made some new friends and that they've stretched their quilting muscles and learned some new techniques!
      I promised to post the instructions-
 *** My "Map" of the quilt won't show up here so  I will take a photo of it and publish it later!

Below is the key to block designation on the quilt map. You may place any of the same size blocks into any of the corresponding letter squares on the map.

A = 6” finished blocks-
  Sawtooth Star (2).
Ohio Star Variation (2).
Friendship Star Variation (2).
Lost Ship.
Sara’s Choice.
Churn Dash.

B = 12” finished blocks-
Basket block.
Kansas Sunflower block.

C = 10” finished blocks-
5 Patch Chain.
Shoo Fly.

D = 4” finished blocks-
Bowtie blocks (2).
Square in a Square blocks (3).

E = 8” finished blocks-
King’s Crown.
9 Patch On-Point.

F= 19” finished block-
  Trevor’s Bears Paw.

G= 15” finished block-

H = 9” finished block-
Maple Leaf.

The odd shaped blocks are-
Checkerboard- 4”x11” finished.
Giuliana’s House- 5”x9” finished.
Laela’s Punkin’- 4”x 6”.

There are four “spacer” sashing pieces used in finishing the quilt-
1- 2.5” x 10.5”.
1- 2.5” x 12.5”.
1- 1.5” x 19.5”.
1- 3.5” x 7.5”.

***Please check your block measurements before cutting the sashing pieces and make any necessary adjustments.

This drawing is to show the placement of the sashing pieces. They are highlighted in Yellow.

The border pieces are light Grey and the measurements are noted in each section. 
You should always measure your blocks and make any adjustments necessary.

The three  * on the diagram represent the three places where you will sew partial seams.  When you sew these seams, stop 1” from the end and cut the thread. 

Each section that you will piece is labeled U,V,W,X,Y & Z. Piece each unit as shown.  
Press all seams as you are sewing the units together. 

The border sections are labeled in the order that you will sew them to each section and the number is the designation for the order that they are to be sewn.  

Be sure to FOLLOW THE SEWING ORDER below as it is very important to putting your top together easily!

Sewing Order:

1.) Sew B1 to section X.
2.) Sew B2 to section Y.
3.) Sew B3 to section Z.
4.) Sew B4 to section B3/Z. 
5.) Sew B5 to section G.
6.) Sew B6 to section V.
7.) Sew B7 to section B6/V.
8.) Sew Section V & W together. Press seam to W. 
9.) Sew Section V/W to section U starting at the left and sew toward block G and leave a partial seam at the end.   
10.)  Sew border B8 to the U/V/W unit. You can now finish sewing the partial seam closed.  The left side of your quilt is now complete.
11.)  Sew Unit B1/X to B2/Y.  
12.)  Sew unit B1/X/B2/Y to B3/Z.  The right side of your quilt is now complete.
13.)  Match and pin the two sides of your quilt together.  Sew the vertical seam from the top down to the partial seam.  Then, sew the vertical seam from the bottom up to the partial seam.  Finger press seams adjacent to the partial seam.
14.)  Pin and sew the horizontal partial seam at section Z to section W.  
15.)  Sew B9 to the top of your quilt. Press to the border.  Your quilt top is now complete.

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